Microsoft reports better-than-expected results for first quarter

Microsoft has reported better-than-expected results for the first quarter, registering strong performance for commercial cloud sales and services based on Azure cloud platform. The company registered 13 percent decline in first quarter profit due to $1.1 billion charges related to layoff... read more

Microsoft teams up with Dell to beef up its hybrid cloud offerings

At a Monday afternoon news conference held in San Francisco, Microsoft said in an announcement that it had partnered with Dell for offering a private cloud package of software as well as hardware for its Azure services.

The announcement about the team up with Dell was announced by... read more

Forbes: Microsoft could unveil its own smartwatch “within weeks”

In a Sunday report, Forbes said that Microsoft is likely to unveil its own wearable device - a smartwatch - "within weeks." As per the report, the Microsoft smartwatch is expected to become available at stores "soon after launch," so that it can reach customers in time for this year's holiday... read more

Skype offers video chat app Qik with self destructing videos

Skype has launched mobile video chat app Qik with videos that will disappear after two weeks. Skype Qik enables users to send 40-second video messages to individual contacts and groups. The app is available for Android, iOS and Windows OS devices.

Technology experts see the Skype Qik move... read more

Microsoft to offer Cloud services in India by 2015

Microsoft's chief executive officer, Satya Nadella, today announced that the company will be offering commercial cloud services, Azure and Office 365, in India by 2015.

According to Nadella, the services will be offered from local data centers in India. Since more than 250 million Indians... read more


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