Oculus VR premieres short animated film – ‘Henry’

Oculus VR premieres short animated film – ‘Henry’

Facebook-owned Oculus VR premiered a short, animated film - 'Henry' - on Tuesday. Oculus said that the 'Henry' animated film will be available for free for the buyers of Oculus Rift strap-on virtual reality (VR) headsets when they arrive in retail stores in the first quarter of 2016.

'Henry' is the second short film to be produced by Oculus VR. Earlier this year, the company had premiered its first film - which was titled 'Lost' - at the Sundance Film Festival. 'Henry' has been developed by a team of animators working at Oculus Story Studio.

'Henry' is a Pixar-like story about a spiky hedgehog that is desperately looking for a friend. To put it differently, the hedgehog - in spite of its prickly exterior - simply wants to give out hugs to friends.

The recent premiere of the 'Henry' film by Oculus VR essentially underscores the company's efforts to give an apparent jump-start to Hollywood's interest in virtual reality by developing short films of its own.

Meanwhile, so far as games for the Oculus Rift VR headset are concerned, Oculus' founder Palmer Luckey said during the course of an interview at the "Henry' premiere on Tuesday that though the company has produced some of its own games, it wants that the vast majority of content on its headsets should be developed by outsiders.

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