L.A. student found dead in empty school bus identified

L.A. student found dead in empty school bus identified

The teenager who was found dead in the back of an empty school bus in a Southern California depot last Friday has been identified by Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office as a 19-year-old special needs student named Hun Joon Lee.

Lee attended Whittier-based Sierra Education Center and regularly travelled by the bus. He used to leave the school at around 2:30 p.m. and arrive home at around 4 p.m. But he didn’t arrived home last Friday.

When his mother called the school authorities, they contacted the bus company. A driver was sent to search the bus parked in a yard across the street from the school, and found Lee dead in the bus.

Valerie Thorstenson, superintendent for the Whittier Union High School District, said, “This tragedy has devastated all of us. We are still gathering information about what happened. The district is calling for a speedy and thorough investigation to determine how something like this could happen.”

No signs of trauma were found on Lee’s body, and no weapons were found from the bus. But police investigators are treating the death as suspicious because the victim had no medical conditions.

Driver of the bus was detained and questioned, but later released. No arrests in connection with the case have thus far been made. An investigation is still underway.

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