Wired: Microsoft had made a Surface Mini tablet but never shipped it

Wired: Microsoft had made a Surface Mini tablet but never shipped it

According to a Wired report, Microsoft had built the rumored Surface Mini tablet, but did not ship out the device. If Microsoft has distributed the Surface Mini to the market, the tablet would have challenged Apple iPad Mini tablet.

Going by the Wired report, the disclosure - that a Surface Mini tablet had really been made by Microsoft - was made to the tech news site by Microsoft’s Surface team chief Panos Panay.

Confirming the existence of the rumored Surface Mini tablet which Microsoft did not launch on the market, Panay told Wired that the Surface Mini was a remarkable device which, unfortunately, did not see the light of the day.

As per the details shared by Panay with Wired, Microsoft decided against shipping the Surface Mini tablet; and launched the powerful new ‘Surface Book’ laptop instead. The Surface Book has been designed to dominate the PC market; and it went ‘out of stock’ within four days of the opening up of its preorders.

Meanwhile, so far as the never-released Microsoft Surface Mini tablet is concerned, Panay raved about the tablet while officially confirming to Wired that the device actually existed. Asserting that he simply loved the Surface Mini tablet, Panay said: "It was like a Moleskine. It was awesome."

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