Fitbit Sales Surge during Christmas

Fitbit Sales Surge during Christmas

Fitness-tracking device manufacturer Fitbit received overwhelming response from people during the Christmas shopping season. On Christmas day, Fitbit’s application became the most-downloaded application on Apple’s app store. It is indicative of the fact that people soon established their Fitbit trackers after receiving them as Christmas presents. Furthermore, it suggests that the fitness tracker must have been a high-priority gift item during the festive season.

App Annie, which tracks app downloads and rankings, revealed this status of Fitbit app download on December 25. The device achieved this high even though it faced tough competition from Apple’s smartwatch and other wearable devices. Raymond James & Associates stated that the performance exceeds the last year’s ranking of 18 on December 25 and 15 on December 26 2014.

Though the number of downloads don’t exactly mean the same number of sales, it is still a good enough factor to judge relative sales, according to Raymond James analyst Tavis McCourt. It was confirmed by the retailers that the demand for tracker was very high during the Christmas shopping spree. App downloads can however be indicative of future sales. “Users who track their health information on the app are more likely to buy another Fitbit device when they want to upgrade,” said Ross Rubin, the Senior Director of Industry Analysis at App Annie.

Fitbit sales before Christmas shopping season crossed 13 million devices, which is much more than the overall 2014 sales of 10.9 million.

TIME reported that, tips and tricks that make your Fitbit simpler and easier to use. There’s one New Year’s resolution that lingers year after year: getting in shape. That could be one reason Fitbit’s app skyrocketed to the top of Apple’s App Store on Christmas Day. Although Fitbit’s wristbands are already intuitive, there are a few customization options and tricks that make the experience simpler and more useful. Here’s a look at how to get the most out of your new Fitbit, whether you have a Charge, Charge HR, Flex or Surge.

ABC News report said, the company's app was the most downloaded on Apple's app store Christmas Day, a sign that many people couldn't wait to set up their Fitbit trackers after unwrapping them. It also suggests that Fitbit trackers were a hot seller during the holidays, despite increasing competition from Apple's smartwatch and other wearable devices. Investors were pleased, sending shares of the San Francisco company higher Monday.

According to the Techcrunch, The stock surge has been reported by The Street and Business Insider, noting how the app jumped by 20 spots to become the top app on iTunes on December 26th. A move like that is a good indication that Fitbit sold a lot of devices over the holidays, as new users rushed to install the wearable device’s companion application.

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