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Published on 18.09.2013 16:47 GMT iOS App 3 Introduction

Hello Everyone,

Today we have released a video showing the new iOS App Version 3 Beta 5 in all its full glory.

Many of you will have already updated to the new version if you haven't now is the time to update as Beta 5 includes full iPad support at native resolution. We hope you all like the new iOS 7 styling.

We also demonstarte a new feature - "X Feature" so be sure to watch and see what this feature is!!!

Again many thanks from myself to Zorro our wonderfully talented iOS app developer, im sure you all agree with me he has excelled him self yet again.

Thanks also go to the rest of the AA team, there are a number of guys you know who you are that work behind the scenes, crackers, mods, admins etc to make the place you all love to use without them AA just would not be the same. So guys keep up all the hard work.

Here is the video:


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