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British couple gets cloned puppy from their dead dog

Laura Jacques and Richard Remde, a British couple, have become the proud owners of a cloned puppy that has been brought to existence from the DNA of their former dog that had died.

The cloned puppy, named Chance, is the first puppy produced with samples taken from a dog that had been dead... read more

South Korean Lab Helps UK couple by cloning puppies

What a gift this British couple is going to get on Christmas who has travelled to South Korea to witness the birth of two puppies cloned from their dead dog. Laura Jaques and Richard Remde have become the first couple in the UK to use the dog cloning services offered by the Sooam Biotech... read more

TB, Cholera and Measles resurgence noticed in Britain

Britain is facing an upsurge in the number of cases of tuberculosis, cholera, scurvy, whooping cough and measles. Most of these diseases are related to poor health services and living conditions in developing countries. For many decades, Britain was having rare incidents of these diseases. A... read more

Video Shows Some Clever Crows Making Tools to Catch Meal in Wild

Scientists recently captured footage of a group of clever crows that were caught making tools for hunting down their prey in the wild. The footage shows the New Caledonian corvids making hunting tools.

The footage was captured by a pair of researchers from the university of Exeter and... read more

Winter effect of Arctic emissions may have been understated, fear scientists

A new study has brought forth a startling finding that Arctic permafrost and methane, the gases released below the surface of the ice, have been released at a much higher rate in recent years than thought earlier, a factor that has contributed immensely to climate change and global warming.... read more

Giant comets lying within outer planetary region of Solar System pose much greater hazard than asteroids

A group of astronomers from Armagh Observatory and the University of Buckingham have reported that the discovery of hundreds of huge comets in the outer planetary system during past 20 years are the indicators that these objects pose a quite bigger threat to life as compared to asteroids.

read more
Bariatric surgery Benefits: Cut diabetes and heart attack risk and keep fat off

Important information for 600 million people worldwide considered to obese, as per the World Health Organization. Bariatric surgery has been found to slash the risk of diabetes and heart attack while keeping fat off, unveils the largest comprehensive investigation of bariatric surgery.

... read more

University College London scientists write chicken-and-egg question has finally got answer

An international team of scientists said that animal life exploded on our planet post oxygen built up over a 100-million-year period. They said that it was not the other way round. In the academic journal Nature Communications, Dr. Philip Pogge von Strandmann, from University College London and... read more

Researchers Find Insomnia Pill can help fast Recovery from Stroke

According to a team of researchers, Zolpidem, also known by the trade name Ambien, has been popularly used to treat insomnia. But recently, researchers noted that the drug can prove very effective in helping person to recover from stroke.

Zolpidem is a new class of sleeping pills that are... read more

Study shows average number of missing teeth is significantly higher in US (7.31) than in England (6.97)

According to a latest research, Americans don’t have better teeth in comparison to the English. Experts challenged the idea that the English have poor dental hygiene. The idea dates back to over a century.

A group of researchers from the UK and the US examined data on people in thousands... read more

Tinder, NHS launch campaign for organ donation

Dating app Tinder has launched a novel initiative in association with the UK’s National Health Service Blood and Transplant division to promote organ donation, particularly those looking desperately for a kidney match.

As part of the campaign, Tinder users supporting organ donation will... read more

Researchers to Check Whether Chimpanzees Will Use Video-Conferencing Equipments for Communication

In a unique experiment, researchers will be providing chimpanzees across the world with video-conferencing equipments in order to check whether they will use it to communicate with one another.

Researchers, during the experiment, which is due to begin in next spring, will also analyze... read more


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