Guard at the New York High Security Prison Arrested In Connection With Jailbreak

Officials have said that a guard at the New York’s highest security prison where two killers escaped earlier this month has been arrested after officials found him connected with the jailbreak.

Gene Palmer is the second employee at the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora to be... read more

Con Edison and New York City are reason behind East Harlem explosion

On Tuesday, Federal regulators said that an explosion in East Harlem, in which eight people were killed last year, would not have taken place if two of Consolidated Edison's gas pipes had been welded in proper way.

However, the regulators at the National Transportation Safety Board also... read more

Social media use by IS ‘moron’ catches US intelligence officers’ attention

Islamic State militants may be experts in killing innocent people but are definitely not adept in making use of social media, a recent incident revealed.

An Islamic State "moron" was trying to propagate his group's capabilities through a social media site but he mistakenly caught the... read more

Six Baltimore Police Officers face Criminal Charges in Black Man’s Death

Criminal charges will be imposed on six Baltimore police officers for the involvement in the death of a black man who was arrested and suffered fatal injuries inside a moving police van, said city's chief prosecutor on Friday. The charges include second-degree murder and manslaughter.

... read more

Five members of Phoenix Family running limousine business killed

Five members of a family running limousine business in Phoenix have been killed in a dispute that ended with gun fight. Two men and three women were found dead by Phoenix police. The gunman identified as Driss Diaeddinn killed four relatives.

The police report has identified Reda... read more

Three Members of University of Michigan’s Sigma Alpha Mu Chapter Face Criminal Charges

On Friday, Otsego county prosecutor Mike Rola announced that he has filed criminal charges against three members of Sigma Alpha Mu at the University of Michigan.

The charges have been filed as the fraternity damaged a ski resort on January weekend in Gaylord, Michigan. Rola said that he... read more

Colorado Woman admits to Cutting Open Stranger’s Womb and Ripping out Her Fetus

Court documents showed on Friday that a Colorado woman has admitted cutting open a stranger's womb and ripping out her fetus. She was initially pretending to be pregnant to deceive. Dynel Catrece Lane, 34, even produced an ultrasound photo of a baby boy in December to support her fake pregnancy... read more

Florida woman faces Third-Degree Felony Charges after She Faked Breast Cancer

It has been reported that a Florida woman faces third-degree felony charges because she faked being having breast cancer. She gathered thousands of dollars in donations from her friends and family.

36-year-old Kelly Johanneson reportedly disappeared for a month in late 2013. She came back... read more

Police arrests 15-year-old boy in attempted kidnap of toddler

According to Lincoln County law officers, a 15-year-old boy is the main suspect in the case, in which a 22-month-old toddler was target of kidnapping. According to Lincoln County Sheriff Wade Magers, the boy lives in the small farming town of Sprague in eastern Washington and he was taken into... read more

Man Arrested for Pointing Laser Beam at Airplanes and NYPD Helicopter

On Tuesday, police in New York has arrested a man for allegedly flashing a laser light at airplanes landing and taking off from LaGuardia Airport and even at an NYPD helicopter.

His callous act has injured three pilots, a pilot for Air Canada and two pilots for New York Police Department... read more

Robbers steal 275 pounds of gold in a lonely area of Interstate 95

An armored truck was hijacked by armed robbers along a lonely area of Interstate 95. The hijackers fled with 275 pounds of gold bars after tying up two guards. According to the Wilson County Sheriff's Office, the guards were surprised to see three armed men driving a white van and they told the... read more

Teenage Girl Murder Case: Accused Kyle Dube to Go on Trial

Kyle Dube, a 21-year-old man, who is facing charges of killing a teenage girl, is all set to go on trial. As per officials, Dube used a ski mask, a fake Facebook profile and a plan, thinking that he could prove himself a hero.

Authorities called it a botched attempt in which would look... read more


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