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Re-imagined from the ground up to be the Mac's most friendly, powerful and modern Twitter client. Twitterrific makes Twitter fun.

⁕ Twitter Your Way

A clean, uncluttered timeline featuring just the content you care about. Tweets are presented in chronological order and other people's likes aren't placed in your timeline.

⁕ Designed for macOS

Twitterrific feels right at home on the Mac. Support for Notification Center, Retina displays, built-in sharing, beautiful animations, full-screen mode & more.

⁕ Timelines Galore

Take control of your tweets with multiple timeline windows from the same account or multiple accounts, all organized on your Mac’s desktop.

⁕ Full Accessibility

Navigate the timeline, compose tweets, and even attach image descriptions quickly and easily using Voice Over.

⁕ Tweet In Style

Twitterrific's appearance panel supports themes, lets you customize fonts & type sizes, and even lets you control how media appears in the timeline.

⁕ Read Anywhere

Whether you use Twitterrific on your iPhone, iPad, or another Mac, the app automatically syncs your reading position for a seamless Twitter experience.


• Simple to use, easy to understand
• True multi-account/multi-window support
• View mentions, messages, and favorites quickly and easily
• Timeline syncing of reading position across all platforms via iCloud
• System-wide alerts for mentions & direct messages via Notification Center
• Fully accessible via VoiceOver
• Support for Retweet (RT) & Quoted tweets
• Quick access to Emoji when composing new tweets
• Autocompletion of usernames & hashtags while editing tweets
• View Twitter saved searches and lists
• Check out global and local trending topics
• Browse conversation threads between users
• Support for tweet storms & chained tweet threads
• Quickly Delete & Edit your own tweets
• Translate tweets to your native language
• Helpful color-coding of tweet types
• In-app media viewing for images, animated GIFs, Instagram & more
• Share a tweet with actions for email, Messages, Safari Reading List & more
• Muffles & mutes synced from Twitterrific for iOS via iCloud
• Robust in-app media viewer with detachable popovers
• Customize the appearance of media in the timeline or hide it completely
• View user profiles including past tweets, likes & mentions
• Follow and unfollow other users directly from their user profile
• Block and report spammers with a single click
• Theme control (light or dark)
• Font size & type face control
• Robust keyboard control


What's new in Version 5.2.3

Plugged another memory leak, added chronological threads, fixed upside-down profile banners, and more.


• Threads now always display in chronological order for consistency
• Toggling retweet/like now updates the UI immediately
• Re-positioned the unread indicator dot after the timestamp (less distracting)
• Added a Report Abuse option to the Action ⋯ menu
• Copy-protected Twitter videos open in browser instead of showing static image
• Clicking a mention/message notification now prefers to reuse an account window rather than opening a new one
• Added tooltips to tweet buttons and window tabs
• Improved performance in various places
• Added keyboard shortcut for switching between Thread/Replies tabs: "Option-Tab"


• Fixed upside-down user profile banners
• Fixed a memory leak that manifested when streaming a very busy timeline
• Fixed an old decoding bug that could cause truncated tweets when translating
• Fixed issue that prevented the Page Up/Down keys from scrolling the timeline
• Fixed issue that prevented Translate from appearing in the Action ⋯ menu
• Fixed issue that prevented Delete/Edit Tweet from appearing in the Action ⋯ menu on your own tweets
• Fixed issue where the app thought it was still streaming when in fact it had disconnected



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OS X Screenshot
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Twitterrific 5 for Twitter
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