Nintendo 2DS launching in Japan with four Pokemon-themed consoles

According to an announcement made on Pokemon's official Japanese site, Nintendo is set to launch its 2DS handheld gaming console in Japan with the rollout of four special Pokemon-themed console models.

As per the announcement, Nintendo’s launch of the four special Pokemon-themed 2DS... read more

Nintendo appoints Tatsumi Kimishima as its new President

In a statement released on Monday, September 14, bigwig Japanese videogame maker Nintendo named its new President ---- Tatsumi Kimishima.

Kimishima was voted in as the new Nintendo President by the company’s board of directors on Monday. The announcement of his appointment comes two... read more

Nintendo unveils super-sized version of Yarn Yoshi Amiibo

On Monday, Nintendo unveiled a super-sized version of its Yarn Yoshi Amiibo -- the new Mega Yarn Yoshi. Priced at $40, the giant Yarn Yoshi is the biggest Amiibo to be launched by Nintendo.

Amiibo’s are Nintendo’s toy figurines which use near field communication (NFC) technology for... read more

Nintendo slashes 2DS handheld’s cost to $100 RRP

Nintendo has announced a price cut for its already super-cheap Nintendo 2DS handheld console. As a result of the announced price reduction, the cost of the Nintendo 2DS has dropped to only $100 RRP. The original cost of the handheld, which was launched in the US two years back, was $130.

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Nintendo to shut down Wii U’s TVii service on Aug 11

According to a late Friday announcement made by Nintendo via its Miiverse social network, the company will shut down the TVii service of its Wii U gaming console next month --- on August 11.

The TVii service was rolled out by Nintendo when it introduced its Wii U console in 2012. Hyping... read more

Nintendo launches ‘Earthbound Beginnings’ RPG on Wii U Virtual Console in US, Europe

Kicking off the Nintendo World Championships event days ahead of the Electronic Entertainment Expo gaming tradeshow in Los Angeles, Nintendo announced a surprise reveal --- the West-side release of its 1989 role-playing game (RPG) ‘Mother’ under the title ‘Earthbound Beginnings.’

... read more

Nintendo Working on Games That People Can Play Without Having Nintendo Hardware

It is known that young gamers have increasingly put aside their Wii wands for smartphones and tablets. For years, console maker Nintendo has stuck to those wands and the strategy that made it one of the world’s top game makers selling consoles and handhelds linked to games featuring the... read more

Star Fox Wii U to be launched in 2015, ahead of Legend Of Zelda

At the Games Award 2014 event held in Las Vegas on Friday, Nintendo announced that its Star Fox Wii U game will be launched in 2015.

Though the Japanese game maker did not disclose the exact launch schedule of Star Fox Wii U game, it is expected to be launched in summer 2015; ahead of the... read more

Nintendo makes surprising comeback after 23.2 billion yen loss in 2013

Japan-based game maker Nintendo is apparently on its way to a surprising comeback, after having reported a 23.2 billion yen ($193 million) loss in 2013.

With Nintendo having posted an unexpected quarterly profit on October 29, the company's stock has witnessed a notable 25 percent... read more

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