Chicago police officer saves man from icy Lake Michigan

Chicago police officer saves man from icy Lake Michigan

A cop from the Chicago Police Department saved the life of a 58-year-old man by pulling him out of icy Lake Michigan off Oak Street Beach on Sunday afternoon, authorities announced.

Near North District Officer Wadell Hardy reached the scene at about 1 p.m. after someone called police reporting that a person was struggling to come out of water near 1000 N. Lake Shore Drive. Witnesses told police that the victim might have attempted to take a brief plunge in the cold water but failed to come out of the icy water on his own.

When Hardy spotted the man, he had that look of fear and was yelling, “I can’t hold on! I can’t hold on!” Initially, Hardy was afraid to venture out onto the ice, which was necessary to save the man. Eventually, he went ahead and rescued the man.

But Hardy was able to pull the man out of the icy water only part-way. His legs remained in the lake water until a diver arrived at the scene and helped pull the victim out.

Police Dept. Spokesman Officer Veejay Zala said the Police Marine Unit responded and the man was successfully pulled out of the icy water.

The victim, whose named was not released by the authorities, was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in critical condition for treatment.

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