Honda to unveil all-new 2016 Pilot crossover SUV at Chicago Auto Show

Honda to unveil all-new 2016 Pilot crossover SUV at Chicago Auto Show

Automaker Honda has announced that the third-generation version of its boxy three-row Pilot crossover SUV - the all-new 2016 Pilot - will be unveiled at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show on February 12, 2015.

According to the announcement made by Honda, the 2016 Pilot will be a redesigned version of the 8-seater SUV. The new model will bring to the three-row crossover SUV segment a number of features, including "advanced safety, new technology, class-leading fuel economy and enhanced family utility and versatility."

With Honda having effectively contributed to the creation of the three-row crossover SUV segment, the company's SVP and General Manager Jeff Conrad said that the all-new 2016 Pilot will "raise the bar" in the mentioned segment. Conrad also added that the new Pilot version will bring to the segment premium features and more innovation, together with greater overall style and best-ever family utility.

Asserting that the new 2016 Pilot will continue to be as family-friendly an SUV as ever, Honda said that the remarkable new technologies which the vehicle will showcase are presently not available in the mainstream SUV segment.

The 2016 Pilot crossover SUV will, as per Honda, come with "a dramatic shift in design," as it is being completely designed, developed and manufactured in the US. The SUV will be launched at Honda dealerships across the US in summer this year.

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