DNR Confirms Video Evidence of Male Cougar Captured in Upper Michigan

DNR Confirms Video Evidence of Male Cougar Captured in Upper Michigan

Video evidence of a male cougar has been confirmed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR). According to DNR, the video was captured in Upper Michigan.

The DNR said for the 28th time cougar evidence has been confirmed since 2008. Two hunters from Remus have taken the footage at a deer killing site. A 60-second video of the cat feeding on a deer carcass in Mackinac County has been posted by the DNR on Facebook.

The hunters made use of trail camera in order to capture video of the male cougar frequently coming back to the deer kill site to consume. According to DNR, cougars were originally native to Michigan and the last identified cougar taken in the wild occurred back in 1906 near Newberry.

In the past century, there were many periodic reports of cougar sightings and also there were many sighting reports from various locations in Michigan since 2008. According to DNR, the reappearance of wild cougars is not unique to Michigan. It has also been taking place in various other states in the Midwest and east. In Minnesota and Wisconsin, cougars have been spotted many times in the recent years.

The Minnesota DNR report on its website that the number of confirmed observations of cougar shows that cougar occurrence in Minnesota is the outcome of transient animals from the Western Dakotas. The DNR is motivating people who think that they have proof of a cougar, such as a photo, animal tracks, or scat to contact their local DNR office or report it online.

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