Michigan Couple surprised to Know their Baby Girl is actually a Baby Boy

Michigan Couple surprised to Know their Baby Girl is actually a Baby Boy

Kyle and Danielle Williams, of Belleville, Mich. were left surprised after realizing that their baby girl was actually a baby boy. They had to go shopping again. Danielle gave birth to their second baby on March 3.

"My wife has been collecting baby clothes and has been adding to our girls' clothing collection. But we knew the baby would be staying in our room for the first few months so we didn't set up the nursery yet, thankfully", Kyle Williams told the Daily News.

After an October ultrasound, the parents were told that they were going to have a baby girl, but were left in complete surprise after their baby turned out to be a boy, instead of a girl. When they introduced their two-year-old daughter Peyton to her new sibling they told her that his name was Bentley.

The technician who performed the ultrasound was confident that the baby was a girl and his claim was based on what he saw the best when the baby had spread his legs apart. The father said that they were shocked after learning that they had actually welcomed a baby boy, but there was nothing to be disappointed.

He said that they are happy that the child is in his best of health, and the gender of the baby is not a matter of concern for them as it hardly makes a difference to them.

ABC News Medical contributor and practicing Ob/Gyn. Dr. Jennifer Ashton said that she does not rely on ultrasound alone to determine the sex of a baby. Additional tests like an amniocentesis that looks at chromosomes are very much required to confirm the sex of a baby.

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