Three Members of University of Michigan’s Sigma Alpha Mu Chapter Face Criminal Charges

Three Members of University of Michigan’s Sigma Alpha Mu Chapter Face Criminal Charges

On Friday, Otsego county prosecutor Mike Rola announced that he has filed criminal charges against three members of Sigma Alpha Mu at the University of Michigan.

The charges have been filed as the fraternity damaged a ski resort on January weekend in Gaylord, Michigan. Rola said that he has filed charges against Sigma Alpha Mu's president, treasurer and one more member. The third member will face a felony charge.

The felony charges come up with up to five years of imprisonment. It is said that the investigation into the matter will continue to take place. The fraternity is alleged to have wrecked Northern Michigan resort.

Prosecutor Michael Rola also said that other members of the fraternity that have partied at Treetops Resort in mid-January should not think that no action will be taken against them.

"Upon the receipt of additional identification information, it is anticipated that additional malicious destruction of building charges will be issued against several other members of the Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity, and steps are being taken to obtain information on their specific actions", affirmed Rola.

Names of people who will be charged have not been released yet. The two officers face charges of misdemeanor counts, including allowing minors to drink at a party. As mentioned above, the third member faces felony charges for destructing the property.

There were around 120 members of Sigma Alpha Mu and sister sorority Sigma Delta Tau at the resort, present near Gaylord from January 17 to 18. They have damaged 45 rooms.

It has become really difficult for the Michigan State Police and prosecutors to find out exactly who has done what during the weekend. Rola said that many students were present at the time of event. It has created problems in determining the identities and specific acts done by individuals.

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