United Airlines boots autistic teen and family from flight

United Airlines boots autistic teen and family from flight

The Chicago-headquartered United Airlines is in for trouble after a passenger was given a rather humiliating farewell from the aircraft, this Tuesday.

Donna Beegle, a public speaker, was onboard the United Airlines flight along with her husband, son and autistic daughter, Juliette. As reported, the family was returning home from Houston to Portland after visiting Disney World. However, an incident cut short their travel and ended them up in Salt Lake City.

As reported by Beegle to KATU News, Juliette, 15, was a special kid and thus, required special attention. She could not speak but during the flight, Beegle guessed that she was hungry and probably would eat, if offered a hot meal. Therefore, she made a request for hot food, in exchange for payment, to the flight attendant who declined the request citing the reason that only first class passengers were given a hot meal. The argument lasted for about 25 minutes.

Beegle explained her child’s condition to the attendant, saying that the child might get irritable if not offered food. The attendant finally gave in and brought the child some hot food.

Just when Beegle thought that all was settled, about 30 minutes later, she heard a call for an emergency landing in Salt Lake City. The airlines made the plea that there were passengers aboard with a ‘behavior issue’. They described the behavior as being ‘disruptive’. After the plane landed, the Beegle family were escorted off.

The humiliating send off prompted Donna Beegle to file a complaint with United Airlines as well as the Federal Aviation Administration. She said that her family might file a lawsuit as well.

United Airlines needs to bring in more emotionally intelligent staff members who would be better capable to handle such crisis situations.

United Airlines has not commented on the issue yet.

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