Michigan focuses on prevention of tobacco use by raising cigarette tax

Michigan focuses on prevention of tobacco use by raising cigarette tax

According to a report by the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, Michigan failed to reduce the sufferings of the people who regularly use tobacco and tobacco products. It further added that measures should be taken by conducting various cessation programs and creating awareness regarding the harmful effects of tobacco on the body.

Michigan accounts for 21.5 percent (of which 11.9 percent falls under youth category) smokers which is a big number as compared to the national average of 17.8 percent (15.7 percent in youth category).

Andrew Schepers, spokesman for Cancer Action Network in Michigan, stated that out of 8,300 people diagnosed with lung cancer, over 6,000 will eventually die. And to prevent this scenario, people who are actually determined to quit tobacco should be encouraged by indulging them into prevention programs.

However, Michigan lacks funds to raise such programs as only 3.4 percent goes to the Healthy Michigan fund that is known to finance such health initiatives.

According to the reports, the last tax hike was seen in 2004 that added $2 tax on cigarettes that led to an effective cut back in smokers.

Thus, the reports recommend raising the tax amount significantly which will eventually decrease the smoking rate and use of tobacco products among people.

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