Earth’s Magnetic Field won’t flip in near Future: Study

Earth’s Magnetic Field won’t flip in near Future: Study

A new study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences this week announced that geomagnetic field of earth won’t flip within human lifetime. The planet’s magnetic field that extends from the interior of earth to where it meets the solar wind may be getting weaker, but it is still above the long-term average, as per the study.

Dennis Kent, a paleomagnetism expert and an author of the study, said the geomagnetic field of earth may ‘go back the other direction’ in about a century. The magnetic field is the prime reason life exists on earth. Without it, our planet would be a barren world.

Scientists believe Mars had ocean of water more than 4 billion years ago. A recent study by NASA suggested the Red Planet lost more than 80% surface water when its atmosphere was stripped by solar wind of the sun. Presently, there is no inner dynamo on Mars than can create geomagnetic field.

A 2014 study showed that magnetic field of earth is weakening, and now it is 10 times faster than it was in the past. This magnetic field prevents the planet against the sun’s harmful cosmic rays and solar wind. Weaker magnetic field allows more harmful radiations to go through it and cause damage to power grids and communication platforms.

As per researchers in the new study, they used a new technique to notice changes in magnetic field. “The results fit expectations that the intensity of the earth’s magnetic field should be twice at the equator”, they said.

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