Australian Blue-banded Bees bang Their Heads without Head-Banging Music

Australian Blue-banded Bees bang Their Heads without Head-Banging Music

Researchers have discovered a bee species in Australia that bang their head at rate of about 350 times per second. The insect, known as Australian blue-banded bee, is doing so to release pollen into the air, as per the researchers.

The researchers, for the first time, have filmed the bees banging their head while getting pollen out of a flower. They were doing this at an unbelievable rate of approximately 350 times per second which will leave everyone awestruck, the researchers said.

There is a really good reason behind that head banging without head-banging music. The activity allows the bees to spend less time on every flower, the researchers from the Adelaide University explained.

The discovery showed that the bee species is a different and efficient pollinator. It could help in understanding crop pollination in a better way. It could also help in developing better crop pollination techniques. Dr Katja Hogendoorn, a bee expert from the University of Adelaide, said such types of bees need fewer bees per hectare, which is a good thing.

Hogendoorn said, “She and some colleagues found the blue-banded bee gets the pollen by banging its head on the flower's anthers at a staggering 350 times a second”. Hogendoorn’s colleague from RMIT University, Dr Sridhar Ravi, said it was interesting and surprising to the bee. The levels at which the insect was banging its head was insane. It is the highest in the animal kingdom, Ravi added.

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