FCC filing by Google unveils images of new Glass version

FCC filing by Google unveils images of new Glass version

Tech biggie Google’s recent filing with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has unveiled the images of the company’s next-generation version of its Glass headgear. The new version of the device is the ‘Google Glass Enterprise Edition.’

The images of the new Glass have surfaced nearly a year after Google discontinued the first-generation version of the device – ‘Google Glass: Explorer Edition’ – in early 2015. Though the controversial original Glass version - which raised privacy concerns - was a consumer version of the headgear, the new version is the device’s enterprise version.

Going by the indications from the images surfacing in Google’s FCC filings, the new version of the Glass will probably come with one of the much-requested design changes because of which the device will now be foldable, so that users can easily put it in their pockets.

In addition, the Google Glass Enterprise Edition will be powered by Intel Atom processor, and will boast a notable improvement in battery life as compared to the original Glass version. It is also being speculated that the new Glass version will use a magnet for charging; and will support the 5GHz WiFi band.

Moreover, Google’s FCC filing also includes an official statement -- on the company’s letterhead -- which authorizes a third party to assist Google in going through with the FCC’s authorization process.

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