In a rather extraordinary report from Grand Rapids, a Michigan couple, who were already parents to 12 boys, welcomed boy No. 13!

Jay Schwandt and Kateri Schwandt, residents of Rockford, north of Grand Rapids, welcomed their 13th baby boy on Wednesday, May 13, as reported by Associated... read more

Proposal to Raise Sales Tax to pay for Fixing Michigan’s Roads and Bridges Rejected

A proposal was made to increase Michigan's sales tax to pay for the repairing of the state's roads and bridges. On Tuesday, the state's voters rejected the proposal.

The proposal was 80% opposed and was 20% in favor. Surveys were carried out before the final vote was conducted and it also... read more

Ford expands Recall to Include 156,000 More Vehicles over Door Latch Issues

A recall by Ford Motor Co has now been expanded to include 156,000 more vehicles to repair a potential door latch malfunction. Certain Ford Fiesta, Fusion and Lincoln MKZ models are included in the recalls. The models made between are included in the recalls.

A recall came from the... read more

Recall for over 591,000 Vehicles in North America announced by Ford Motor

Ford Motor is recalling over 591,000 vehicles in North America. The recall is related to four separate issues including steering gear motor attachment bolts that carry the risk of getting fractured due to corrosion cracking.

A safety recall from Ford is meant for 518,000 Ford Fusion and... read more

Researches recommend solutions to lessen motion sickness in autonomous vehicles

Researches from University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute conducted a research on the problem of motion sickness that is experienced by individuals while riding a self-driving car. Motion sickness, which is also called airsickness or kinetosis results in severe headaches, nausea... read more

Michigan selected as partner for travel destination photos for Google Maps

At the Pure Michigan Governor's Conference on Tourism, held at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan was announced as the first Midwest state to team up with Google for making photos of travel destinations available via Google Maps.

The partnership between Pure Michigan... read more

Better sleep linked to higher libido among women in University of Michigan Research

Women who sleep more than average, have higher libido, according to latest study results released by research team at the University of Michigan Sleep and Circadian Research Laboratory. The research team asked 171 female participants to record their sleep pattern, time and sexual desire for two... read more

Three Members of University of Michigan’s Sigma Alpha Mu Chapter Face Criminal Charges

On Friday, Otsego county prosecutor Mike Rola announced that he has filed criminal charges against three members of Sigma Alpha Mu at the University of Michigan.

The charges have been filed as the fraternity damaged a ski resort on January weekend in Gaylord, Michigan. Rola said that he... read more

Michigan Couple surprised to Know their Baby Girl is actually a Baby Boy

Kyle and Danielle Williams, of Belleville, Mich. were left surprised after realizing that their baby girl was actually a baby boy. They had to go shopping again. Danielle gave birth to their second baby on March 3.

"My wife has been collecting baby clothes and has been adding to our girls... read more

Michigan Woman’s membership revoked by Planet Fitness after transgender complaint

Fitness chain Planet Fitness revoked the membership of a Michigan woman after she complained about a transgender person in women’s locker room. After 48 year old Yvette Cormier noticed someone ‘dressed like a man’ in the women’s locker room, she immediately went to the front desk to complain.... read more

DNR Confirms Video Evidence of Male Cougar Captured in Upper Michigan

Video evidence of a male cougar has been confirmed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR). According to DNR, the video was captured in Upper Michigan.

The DNR said for the 28th time cougar evidence has been confirmed since 2008. Two hunters from Remus have taken the... read more

Apple’s electric-car project comes with several challenges

Against the backdrop of recent reports that Apple has efforts underway to foray into the automobile market with an electric car which it is apparently developing under its ‘Project Titan’ project, experts and analysts have said that the company should be prepared for several challenges which are... read more


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