Ongoing decline in Michigan gasoline prices expected to continue

The average price of regular, unleaded gasoline in the Muskegon and some other parts of Michigan has declined by nearly a quarter since last week, figures released by Dearborn-based auto club AAA showed.

According to AAA's latest Daily Fuel Gauge Report, average gasoline price across the... read more

AAA & Secretary of State offer new ExpressSOS station in Grand Rapids metro area

The Michigan branch of motor club & leisure travel organization AAA and Secretary of State Ruth Johnson on Wednesday announced a partnership to offer a new ExpressSOS station in the metro area of Grand Rapids.

The new facility provides residents of Michigan with a new option to get... read more

Several Olivet College students taken to hospital

At least thirty students of Olivet College were rushed to a nearby hospital on Wednesday after they experienced symptoms including dizziness, headache and nausea.

The students taken to the Hayes Green Beach Hospital's emergency room have since been released after being tested for Carbon... read more

Northern Michigan Men to attempt 60-Mile Stand-Up Journey to Preserve Great Lakes

In order to bring benefits for environmental stewardship and strengthen the conservation efforts of the Great Lakes, a group of Northern Michigan men are making efforts to raise $10,000. They are going to attempt stand-up paddleboarding across Lake Michigan to raise funds for the same this... read more

Bicycles contribute $668 million annually to economy of Michigan

Michigan Department of Transportation has released a new study claiming the benefits of nearly $668 million to the economy of the state due to bicycle riding. The sale of bikes and related equipment has helped many local companies and small business owners.

Josh DeBruyn, bicycle and... read more

Michigan's Glasgow said he has learnt from arrest

Michigan's junior center/guard, Graham Glasgow, who was arrested during the off season for drunk driving, has said that he has learnt from with arrest. Glasgow was selected as a starter at the University of Michigan in the previous year. His entire carrier was in jeopardy when he was arrested... read more

Woman makes false claims about abduction

Investigators in the state of Michigan have said that a woman who claims to have been abducted and health for 16 hours earlier in the week, was actually making up the story about her abduction.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office set in a statement that the 6 8 18 your old girl false lee... read more


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