First-time Dolphin Mom gives birth to Male Calf at Brookfield Zoo

Brookfield Zoo announced on Friday that a male calf was born to a dolphin. The calf weighs about 35-40 pounds and measures 3 and 1/2 feet long. According to the zoo, the calf was born to a first-time mom, Allison.

The zoo located in the Chicago provided nursing and slipstream to the... read more

Lending Club poised to raise around $800 million in IPO

Next week, in an initial public offering, Lending Club is all set to raise around $800 million. It is another case of an online lender taking advantage of the positive business and economic environment.

On Thursday, AvantCredit, a Chicago-based provider of personal loans, stated that it... read more

Chicago Nordstrom Black Friday shooting victim dies

Chicago Nordstrom department store worker who was shot by her ex-boyfriend on Black Friday, has died. Police confirmed that Marcus Dee shot 22-year old Nadia Ezaldein before killing himself on Black Friday.

Nadia Ezaldein was a seasonal employee at the store. The police staff will... read more


Two people have been shot inside a Chicago Nordstrom store on Friday night and it seems to be a domestic incident, said police.

According to Chicago Police spokesman Officer Ron Gaines, a man shot himself after shooting a woman. The incident occurred on the second floor of the high-end... read more

US court turns down Motorola’s price-fixing appeal

On Wednesday, the 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago rejected the price-fixing appeal filed by Motorola Mobility. The appeal chiefly underscored Motorola's attempts to sue several Asian electronics suppliers under US antitrust law over price-fixing allegations.

Chicago-based... read more

Two Women and a Dog Rescued by Chicago Fire Department

Two women and a dog have been rescued by Chicago Fire Department Crew from a building that collapsed on Sunday.

Neighbors reported a loud explosion before the building 'pancaked' around 7 pm on Sunday evening. The authorities said that two women and a dog were rescued from the debris, the... read more

Morningstar downgrades Analyst Rating on Pimco Total Return Fund

Morningstar, an investment research and investment management firm in Chicago, has lowered its analyst rating on Pacific Investment Management Company's (PIMCO) Pimco Total Return Fund to bronze from gold. Pimco's co-founder Bill Gross's resignation and reshuffling of management are perhaps... read more

Amtrak offers 30% discount on tickets for Grand Rapids-Chicago route

Amtrak is offering a discount of 30 per cent on tickets for service between Grand Rapids and Chicago as part of its celebrations in honor of thirty years of service on the PereMarquette line.

On Tuesday, which marked the 30th anniversary of the service on the PereMarquette line, the... read more

Amtrak’s Detroit-Chicago service to get faster

Publicly funded railroad service provider Amtrak's trips between Detroit and Chicago are going to get faster as the Michigan Senate has cleared the way for the state to upgrade the service.

The State Senate has put an end to an investigation of a passenger rail car purchase and allowed... read more


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