Nintendo 2DS launching in Japan with four Pokemon-themed consoles

According to an announcement made on Pokemon's official Japanese site, Nintendo is set to launch its 2DS handheld gaming console in Japan with the rollout of four special Pokemon-themed console models.

As per the announcement, Nintendo’s launch of the four special Pokemon-themed 2DS... read more

Report: Sega working on 'Valkyria Chronicles' sequel and remaster for PS4

Popular Japanese magazine Famitsu has revealed in its latest issue that Sega is working on a sequel of ‘Valkyria Chronicles’ tactical role-playing game for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) console, as well as a remaster of the original game for the same console.

The original ‘Valkyria Chronicles’... read more

Robot mistaken for a real person

A robot has been designed in such a way that some people have mistaken it as a real human. It will also be interesting to know that not only the robot has been considered as human, but also considered as sexy who have seen it.

The robot has been named as Actroid F, which is 5ft 6in in... read more

Nissan raises Full-year Net Profit Forecast by over 10%

Japan’s second-biggest automaker, Nissan Motor Co., has raised its full-year profit forecast by more than 10% after solid sales in the United States. The company announced on Monday that the full-year profit could be around 535 billion yen. The profit will be up about 17% from the last financial... read more

Sony’s new full-frame compact camera --- RX1R II

Bigwig Japanese device maker Sony has unveiled a new ground-breaking technology in the form of a full-frame compact camera called the RX1R II. The new camera will be priced at $3,300; and Sony will start shipping it in November.

The new Sony RX1R II camera is a new counterpart of the... read more

Nintendo unveils super-sized version of Yarn Yoshi Amiibo

On Monday, Nintendo unveiled a super-sized version of its Yarn Yoshi Amiibo -- the new Mega Yarn Yoshi. Priced at $40, the giant Yarn Yoshi is the biggest Amiibo to be launched by Nintendo.

Amiibo’s are Nintendo’s toy figurines which use near field communication (NFC) technology for... read more

Sony’s former unprofitable PC business Vaio is making international comeback

Japan-based consumer-electronics giant Sony Corp.'s former Vaio computer brand is making an international comeback.

Vaio is Sony's former loss-making PC business which the company had sold to a private-equity fund -- Japan Industrial Partners Inc. -- in 2014. The fund stopped the overseas... read more

Konami removes all references to Hideo Kojima from ‘The Phantom Pain’ cover

New official images of 'Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain' show that the game's cover does not feature any references to renowned game designer Hideo Kojima - the creator of the Metal Gear Solid series - and his studio, Kojima Productions.

According to reports, the box art of the '... read more

Suidobashi and Megabots All Set To Match Their Real-Life Gigantic Robots

A US-based company recently challenged a Japanese company to match their real-life gigantic robots. Now it has been said that Suidobashi Heavy Industries of Japan and Megabots Inc. of USA will clash their ultimate inventions.

Megabots' co-founder Matt Oehrlein and his partner Gui... read more

Toyota Motor shareholders approve Controversial New Share Sale

A controversial share sale been defended by Toyota Motor, and critics have called the move a measure to tame shareholder activism. According to the world's biggest carmaker, 75% of shareholders had casted their votes in favor of the plan on Tuesday.

As per the plan, 500 million shares... read more

Takata plans to change the design of driver-side air bag inflators

In a statement released on Monday, Japanese parts supplier Takata Corp said that it will not stop manufacturing air bags which use ammonium nitrate propellant, though it will bring about a change in the design of the driver-side air bag inflators.

The statement, a written testimony by... read more

GCF prepares to deploy cash after signing $1.5 billion agreement with Japanese government

Following the signing of $1.5 billion agreement with the Japanese government, the UN‘s Green Climate Fund (GCF) said that it now has enough cash to decide where to deploy its cash.

The fund, which is for climate aid to developing countries, said that Japanese commitment, pushed its... read more


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