Is Canned Air Only Way to Deal with Smog in China

China’s massive capital Beijing is regularly blanketed in notorious smog linked with coal consumption and heavy industry. Earlier, Beijing officials issued red alert for second time in December due to smog which is getting ridiculously bad.

This year wasn’t good at all for the Chinese... read more

NASA Studies Various Climate Change Factors

A study undertaken by NASA has revealed that the impact of different factors on the climate differs across the world. The study stated that increase in the global temperatures in future must be studied by taking into account the impact of various natural and man-made factors on climate. The... read more

Agriculture Not A Part of Paris Climate Agreement

Agricultural growth, productivity and prices as well as a global initiative to end hunger by 2030, are being threatened by modifications in climate, according to the International Food Policy Research’s new report. But still, Paris’ new global agreement to handle climatic changes doesn’t even... read more

World’s lakes warming rate is greater than that of ocean and atmosphere

Climate change has been threatening freshwater supplies and ecosystem as it has been leading to rapid warming of lakes. The researchers have given this conclusion after monitoring 235 lakes for at least 25 years.

The Geophysical Research Letters-published study is the first to incorporate... read more

Arctic Warming has set New Temperature Record, says NOAA Report

A report on Thursday suggested that the Arctic is warming faster than the rest of the world. As a result, populations of walrus have been declining in the region’s Pacific and Atlantic Ocean, it reported.

As the region is warming twice as fast as other places in the world, its ice sheets... read more

Australian Blue-banded Bees bang Their Heads without Head-Banging Music

Researchers have discovered a bee species in Australia that bang their head at rate of about 350 times per second. The insect, known as Australian blue-banded bee, is doing so to release pollen into the air, as per the researchers.

The researchers, for the first time, have filmed the bees... read more

New Guidelines for Toxic Algae in Lakes and Rivers Developed

New guidelines to protect swimmers and kayakers from the growing threats of toxic algae in lakes and rivers have being developed by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Agency officials said they are majorly focusing on people who tend to swallow water while their recreational... read more

Earth’s Magnetic Field won’t flip in near Future: Study

A new study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences this week announced that geomagnetic field of earth won’t flip within human lifetime. The planet’s magnetic field that extends from the interior of earth to where it meets the solar wind may be getting weaker, but it is... read more

Scientists say Western Great Lakes Gray Wolves Still Need Protection

A group of worried scientists and experts expressed their concerns over gray wolves in the western Great Lakes. While criticizing other scientists suggesting removal of the animal from the federal endangered species list, the group said Tuesday that protection of Great Lakes wolves should be... read more

1B--Huntsville Family shocks after Seeing Sharks Approaching Shoreline

A Huntsville family got stunned after spotting swarm of sharks approaching the shoreline at the Panama City Beach. Blake Whitlow visited the beach with his four kids and wife Tyra where they spotted the sharks while he was capturing video on his phone.

Whitlow told AL.com that they were... read more

Rise in population of Adelie penguins

Researchers have reported a rise in the population of Adelie penguins. In the last 14,000 years, a rise of 135-fold has been witnessed in population of Adelie penguins. Main reason behind the rise is shrinking glaciers, which is leading to the birth of more Adelie penguins in the East Antarctica... read more

Michigan facing major issues due to Climate Change

Today, almost every part of the world is facing effects of climate change. Rise in sea levels, loss of sea ice, droughts and intense heat waves are some of the observable consequences of global climate change. Like other places, Michigan is also a victim of changing climate. Warmer temperatures... read more


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