Californian brown pelicans are in trouble again

California's brown pelicans, which were delisted from the U. S. Endangered Species list in 2009, are once again in trouble, a newly released annual population survey report suggests.

The survey led University of California Davis, a global community of individuals united to protect... read more

Medical pot farms polluting California streams, hurting wildlife

California's large-scale medical marijuana farming is not only sucking drought-stricken rivers and streams dry but also polluting the waterways and hurting wildlife.

Higher demand for marijuana in the state and the country as a whole has prompted many people to pursue larger-scale pot... read more

Northern Nevada, California’s wild rose to be protected under Endangered Species Act

The government has decide to protect yellow-flowering Webber's ivesia, a sort of wild rose that grows in Northern Nevada and Northern California, by including it in the federal government's list of endangered species.

The U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service has confirmed that the small,... read more

Medical pot farms causing harm to Californian streams

California's fish & wildlife officials are concerned that the state's coastal forests are being increasingly polluted and sucked dry by water-gulping medical marijuana pot farms.

The state's medical pot law allows people to grow marijuana, for personal medical purposes. But, officials... read more

U.S. Chamber of Commerce opposes proposed EPA rules

While the White House is claiming that the Obama administration's upcoming EPA rules for existing coal-fired power plants would lead to coal's demise and address climate change; the U. S. Chamber of Commerce has argued that the rules would cause thousands of job cuts and hefty costs.

The... read more

Ohio lawmakers clear bill that represents pushback on green energy

Ohio lawmakers on Wednesday passed a bill that would freeze the phasing-in of electricity/power that utilities must purchase from renewable energy sources.

The Ohio House of Representatives cleared the bill by 54-38 votes. It is now expected to be signed into law by Governor John R.... read more


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