Twin birth rate hits record high in U.S. in 2014

The twin birth rate in the United States hit an all-time high last year, though it grew only marginally from the previous year, according to the annual Centers for Disease Control & Prevention’s (CDC’s) National Vital Statistics Report.

The recently published report states that the... read more

Recently Sequenced Genome from Ireland Throws Light on Genesis of Celtic Populations

For the first time, scientists have been able to sequence the first human genome from Ireland. On sequencing the genomes of a 5,200-year-old female farmer from the Neolithic period and three 4,000-year-old males from the Bronze Age, scientists believe that Irish farmers were similar to those of... read more

Peruvian Coca Tea Contains High Levels of Cocaine: Italian Police

Italian police recently issued an order to stop sale of a famous Peruvian coca tea after they found that the tea contained some significant levels of cocaine. The tea has been sold in Italy since many years now.

The tea was imported from Peru by a Milan-based wholesaler, said police... read more

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

Researchers in a new Smithsonian study have finally found an answer to how snails called slipper limpets change sex, and they said that physical contact plays a major role in this change.

According to researchers, several animals change their sex at some point of their lives or after... read more

British couple gets cloned puppy from their dead dog

Laura Jacques and Richard Remde, a British couple, have become the proud owners of a cloned puppy that has been brought to existence from the DNA of their former dog that had died.

The cloned puppy, named Chance, is the first puppy produced with samples taken from a dog that had been dead... read more

Strong and Light-Weight Metal Developed By Researchers

Researchers infused magnesium with ceramic silicon carbide nanoparticles, and what came out was a super metal. The new formed metal not only has high strength, but is also extremely light in weight. An innovative way to disperse and stabilize nanoparticles in molten metal enabled the researchers... read more

Soon to Welcome the Weight Loss Diet Based on Person’s Genome

Good news! for those who have been tired of trying every measure to reduce their obesity and remain healthy and fine. The new study published in the Journal Obesity shows that person’s obesity is dependent on genes of a person. So, researchers from the University of Texas have suggested a report... read more

South Korean Lab Helps UK couple by cloning puppies

What a gift this British couple is going to get on Christmas who has travelled to South Korea to witness the birth of two puppies cloned from their dead dog. Laura Jaques and Richard Remde have become the first couple in the UK to use the dog cloning services offered by the Sooam Biotech... read more

UW geologists create map of major landslides at Oso

A team of geologists from University of Washington (UW) has mapped the history of major landslides at Oso using radiocarbon dating, and determined that a massive nearby landslide occurred nearly 500 years ago and not 1,000 years ago as previously thought.

The geologists made an analysis... read more

Scientists Identify Liver Hormone That Can Reduce Cravings for Sweet and Alcohol

A team of scientists claims that they have recently identified a liver hormone that can help reduce cravings for sweet and alcohol. This hormone acts on the brain’s reward pathway, an advance that may help to develop a treatment for alcoholism.

The team said the hormone they have... read more

Historians claim evidence about Roman discovery of United States even before Columbus

A group of historians has claimed that they have found proof that may ‘rewrite the history’ of America by proving that its discovery wasn’t done by Christopher Columbus, but by the Romans.

The sensational latest study has revealed that ancient mariners went to the New World over a... read more

Google-owned Robotics firm Boston Dynamics’ creepy video leaves holiday revelers aghast

Amid the Christmas and New Year holiday season, Google-owned engineering firm Boston Dynamics, a robotics company, has done something unpleasant. A video posted by the company on the internet with good intentions has left holiday revelers somewhat distasted. In the video, a headless mechanical... read more


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